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What is Creative Centre "B&TS"

It is the theatrical set designer  Boris Bylev and the theatrical director, the playwright, the actor and critic Igor Tsunsky

    We have met at a rehearsal of folklore theatre " Subboteya " in November, 1990. Our first teamwork was (we started with....) "Snow Maiden" fairy tale we written using  the Russian folklore of the 19th century. The performance became an Igor's graduation project at the Russian Theatrical Academy (RATI), previously the State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography (GITIC), which brought him a Bachelor Degree with honors. Since then we have been working together. Our teamwork have resulted in 50+ drama performances, musicals, variety shows, doll performances and so on.

    We became winners of the "Theatre and family" Ural Regional Theatrical Festival in 1993 (an award for the best scenography and direction) for the performance of "Test on a role of the Great actress," Chelyabinsk New Art Theatre (NHT). That project was nominated for the Golden Mask Award in 1997. The Open Society Institute and Soros Fund supported the performance of "Apricot Paradise", the project winner of the Competition of "Theatre of XXI century" Theatrical Projects.  We presented our performances for international theatrical festivals, in particular for the "Theatrical Experience"  in Magnitogorsk, Ural Region, and "Lambushka" Festival of Chamber Drama in Petrozavodsk. We performed in Tallinn, Kineshma, Smolensk... Our performances went (and still go on!) in Moscow: at the New Drama Theatre, Ostrovsky Moscow Theatre, "Shalom" Jew Theatre, "Balaganchik" Studio Theatre, "AYA" Studio Theatre for Children, "Dialogue" Moscow Studio  Theatre.

    Our team project was developed into the theses "Theatrical Hermeneutics: on the Understanding of Theatrical Texts" Igor completed his post-graduate studies at the "Independent Academy of Free Arts". He earned his PhD at RATI. Our critics and research papers were published in the following journals: "Playwright", " Modern Dramatic Art ", "Autograph", "Social Sciences and the Modernity", the journal of the Russian Academy of Sciences, "Obschaya gazeta", etc.  We collaborate with Nelli Kornienko's Kurbas Centre in Kiev.

   In music, we collaborate with modern Russian composers such as Margarita Zelenaya, Janna Plieva, Vladimir Brussom, Vladimir Chernev and others. We were the first performer of many modern plays, namely "Apricot paradise" by Elena Isaeva, "Theatre of Peshkin militiaman or the Weekend with Revizor" by Igor Lysov, "Sad face" by Victor Sobchak, UK, "The other life of Oblomov" by Michael Ugarov, and "Codefendants", a play written by 17-year-old  Goethe.

B&Ts: What Is the Focus

Network for admirers of theatre, poetry, dramatic art and, on a broader scale, creative people

Exchange of ideas, plays, impressions, ...

Search for new creative and friendly contacts

Publishing your drama experiences, research or critical papers and notes, verses, ideas

Links to your Internet resources

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7-(095) - 2678323
7-(095) - 2678323
General Information: tsunja@narod.ru
Web-master: igortsunja@mtu-net.ru
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